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Begin. Resume. Start. Go.
I stopped blogging to give spammers a chance to find something else to do. I thought it worked for a while but sir dollar(from) sure is persistent. And now I've got another ..................whatever. Hmph.

The featured blog has me up there as an intern. I'm not an intern anymore. I'm back to being a full-time student, until January of 2008 anyway(start became a teacher). But that doesn't mean I can't write about work-ish stuff.

A once said, "If you leave us our money, our buildings, and our brands, but take away our people, the Company will fail. But if you take away our money, our buildings, and our brands, but leave us our people, we can rebuild the whole thing in a decade." These words were uttered in 1947 andthey ring just as true today. A company's real strength lies in its people and their needs and values make up the company's culture.....what ever...(school????????)

People like........scare me. I fear what will happen when they have to leave mommy and daddy's comfy house and enter the real world. Because from what I see, .............. umph.......story another bz right now........


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