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the desert prince
He walked to toward the edge of the road, there is no one waiting for him.
Hurling his heavy luggage he strolls along the sidewalk.
He ignored the passing by car whizzing passed him.
After about half a mile he saw a motel and decided to take a rest.

The next morning he woke up, feeling fresh again.
The cold breeze enters his room when he opened the window.
He closed his eyes while taking a deep breath, the smell of the desert makes his mind rolling

back to the time.

"I'll always love you…no matter what my prince."

She whispers while caressing his face.

He recall the moment when starring to the wide eyes of hers, the finest moment in his life that

he could remembered forever.
The glittering in her amber eyes that always makes him madly in love for her.
Slowly he strokes her black long hair and softly says,

"Goodbye my princess…I promised I'll be back…soon",

It was almost two years ago and he was back again searching for his lost love.

He doesn't know where were to find her and seems lost in the desert town of Morocco.

"Why…my sweet darling…you're not there.",

He spoke to himself while his hand fiddle with the old letter from his wallet.

After taken his breakfast at the Motel café, he headed toward the town centre.
It was a small town at the edge of the Saharan desert.

The morning sun light started to pierce his skin and he could feel the sharp pains then

hurriedly covered his head with the hat that he carries with.

Traveling with camel not an easy way, he got to be patient because the desert animal has known

to have unstable attitude.

He reached the village at last and it was already dark.
The sounds of the Bedouin music came to his ear thus makes him smile again.

He remembered when the first time he met her.
His Jeep almost knocked her and the camel then she suddenly lost control of the animal that

emerged out of nowhere.
She falls together with the camel and he jumped to save her from being crushed by the monstrous


They fall, tumbling to the ground and she landed on his chest.
Her scarf was thrown off revealing her beautiful face.
He could remember the sweet smell of Arabian perfume on her long hair that covered his face.
Her inviting amber eyes that make him fall in love at the first sight.

She slowly pulled back her hair backward revealing her long neck, her soft hand unintentionally

touches his lip.

They rise up and she try to smile hiding the pains from the falls.

His heroic action being hailed by the tribe leader.
Its seems he already saved the leader’s daughter and they thanked him.
He was invited to the village by the tribe leader as an honorary guest.

He was treated well by the tribe member and travels with them to the village.

He wakes when the music dies, the dark tent that he once used was still there.
Its seems the tribe did no longer moves to any places and decided to stay on the village.

After he left everything changed and he could not come back due to war that strike the country.
No outsider would be allowed to enter the country.
Its was a trying moment for him, he could not see her and communications was impossible.

At last the tribes war ended then its about a year later he managed to return.

He could see the leader come toward him.
He looks old and dejected.
They greeted each other and when into the tent.

"Father…I could not see princess…where is she?"

The question that he keep for along time when seeing the leader.

There was a silence and tensed moment, he could feel sadness creeping from the dark tent.

"Go to your tent my son…your long journey must have tiring you…",

He said nothing more and hiding something.

"How could I rest now when I could not see my princess…and its been years that I am suffering

thus longing for her…father",

He could hear him weeping.
The old man has changed, from a fierce tribe's leader to a helpless father.

"Its been long after you left, the war of the tribes have taken many thing from us…I lost many

men and women…my land…and my preciously daughter."

He could not continues and he doesn't believe on what he heard.

He remembered the letter sent by her and how happy its seems to knew that she was always

waiting at the dawn looking at the sunset of the desert for her prince.

"Her only wish before she die is for you to put this two stone at her grave."

He ended his conversation and handed two small stone resembles two hearts.
The stones that she craves while waiting for him to come.

The next morning was beautiful at the desert but the prince seems sad.

He went to the graveyard at the nearby hill.
Put down the stone and whisper to the wind as his teardrops fall to the sand.

"My princess…rest in peace…and I will always be here for you…as now I will became the lonely



foyo lah aku nie...bila pulak aku ni berhati lelaki wei???????????
adakah aku keliru identiti.???...atau otak aku sebenarnya keliru dengan sekelilingku??????????? betul ke ape yang aku nampak???????????? kenapa kata hatiku lain??????? mana satu betul nie??????????????semoga Allah memberi pertunjuk kepada aku......kahkah
lantak ler....yang penting aku masih seorang perempuan yang amat mencintai seorang lelaki yang bernama nub..............................................ahakssssssss


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