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cite peberet aku best wei.....lagu bes...... lelaki buaya darat patut tgk citer nie......

The popular Korean drama Temptation of Wife is translated into Chinese in the Hunan TV series Hui Jia De You Huo, which achieved the highest national ratings for a Mainland drama since the glorious days of Princess Returning Pearl. Starring Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun (Scent of Love), Hong Kong starlet Rain Li, and Mainland actor Ling Xiaosu, the urban romance drama tells a captivating story surrounding the hypothesis of "How would I live my life if I were to start again in a different identity?" For Lin Pinru (Choo Ja Hyun), that would mean the metamorphosis from a meek, dutiful housewife to an independent and determined modern woman. Devoted to her husband (Ling Xiaosu), Pinru used to live a simple, happy life. But when she bitterly finds out that he's had a secret affair with her best friend (Rain Li), things culminate in her "rebirth" as a different person to take revenge on those who betrayed her.


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