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the one n only properties dat i belong to is my pride and my whole family.dt ws a valueble treasure among in this entire life.nothing in this world dt would exchanged frenship we can choosed whom we'll family,gud or bad they'll always b mine .....

For the heart, from the heartThe treasure heart you keep insideThat keeps my dreams away from harmTouches my life in every wayAnd seeds of love revives my heart...The fire that burns inside my mind.....Incinerates the deadly fears.....Your sound and voice depletes my sinsYour warm melody feeds no stopFor the heart, from the heart.....Every heart that beats a dayThe shadow path removed to beAnd hear my tongue that says no lieSay my prayers as lullabies...For the heart, from the heartI fell and kept my knees on groundYou came into my life and livedAnd helped me rise from burden's toes...Kissed my lips in eternity....For the heart, from the heart ........

don't know why suddenly i feel heartless,. its so strange,. somehow i'm trying to figure up and seeking where it been right now,. i tried and tried to say that i miss to somebody but my mind remind me to the past either half of my heart feel that i wanna joy that feeling again.haa,.might be mad i only dare to say it here,. miss u my somebody;)

dear 'somebody' , i asked a wind to help me to be close to you. when you feel a wind is blowing, it bring my whisper. yet, you'll hear a wind. and you'll know a thing that i'm going to say that i missing you. through your heart. whatever you do please tc.

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  1. Bessie said...
    Thanks for writing this.

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