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i didn't even knew what love meant before he appeared in my life. Only know I understand that great love does not consist neither of dependency to a person, nor of selfishness, but is much more than this. It is like when you immerse in the eternity of your own soul, in that place which you think belong only to toy, but where you meet the other. Only there you feel his deep look and you realize that you are eternally present in his soul and in his most private parts of her being. You realise that nothing matters, not to cry, not to shout. You realize that everything there is and everything there will be does not even exist, are not worth the smallest leaf which fell from the tree of the live of each one of us. And then you feel the need to touch the soul with your hand, to embrace it, to feel its breath, to know it closer to you than you are yourself. You want to kiss it, to share your entire life with it. Love has such an impact that you understand that it is much above what you call life, Then you realise that no matter how much you try to embrace it, and kiss it, and feel its breath, all that can never be done, because you kill kiss only the man, you will feel his breath and embrace it. You will realize that that soul will be much above your life. As you are above hers. You will understand that being with that soul is not possible through caresses, not word, nor kisses, but much more, though an unprecedented torment that you will not be able to sustain, no matter how much you want it, as it is so painfully sweet, a consuming fire that will burn in you in all the eternal moment of your life. And what else remains? What remains in my place and in hers? The ashes of a memory? From which a new love will resurrect as the Phoenix bird? From the ashes of this crazy torment? This is our life, the life of the soul mates, of always seeking one another and when they find each other they consume with the love of their love. Sorin Cerin philosopher

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