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random thoughts for a better Malaysia
The recent general election results have turned Malaysia to a new page, and compared to yesterday, the future for malaysia can be become much brighter, if the more balanced powers (central government and opposition) are competing to demonstrate their best capability and leadership built on trust in order to win people's hearts. Here are my randoms thoughts on how the two powers can help to build a better Malaysia for all of us:

- Safety is top public concern, we need to have real solid plans to address the issue instead random actions and fire-fighting each day. For example, peoples staying in my neighbourhood are paying in total more than RM6K each month for the security service, it is a huge amount if you add up all the taman in malaysia that opted for similar security services.

- Elevating prices are also top public concern, all measures must be put in place to ensure increase in prices are not becoming out of control.

- To improve efficiency, and number one priority is to build up integrity and transparency (means no corruption, no crony). Things happening in Penang are on the right track, for example open tender system means we can achieve the same level of performance at much lower cost. Or we simply to say we can do more with the same amount of money. The other important aspect is, get the expert to do the job, for example, a finance position holder must be really good in finance lah.

- To improve education in Malaysia, build enough schools for all, attract the top talents to teach our children, learn from other countries on how to improve our education system.

- Okay this one sounds a bit disconnected but it is important -to preserve the nature especially green lungs in core areas, we need to keep Bkt Gasing, we need to have more FRIMs, we need to have bicyle lanes in the cities and everywhere.

You have more ideas? What is your wishlist?


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